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What are Earthbound Spirits & Entities?

So Earthbound spirits - are souls of people who have died and have not crossed over into the light.

Essentially, ghosts are just stuck energy.

They become stuck here on the Earth plane for many reasons including, traumatic or sudden, unexpected death, not wanting to leave people behind, and unfinished business, other times they aren’t even aware they are dead, and some are unsure how to cross over. etc

Not all lost souls are negative though. Most of the time they are unaware that they have died and are in limbo, they may be scared or confused as they are unable to communicate with those around them and inadvertently, they can drain you.​

Your home and work environment can hold negative energies that will affect the well-being and health of those in this space. If you have an earthbound spirit in your environment – home or workspace you may feel drained due to having no physical form and not belonging in this world, an Earthbound spirit has no way of restoring its energy. As it runs low, it naturally sucks in energy from anyone or anything it can. 


You may feel extremely tired, have headaches, and nausea, etc if you are particularly sensitive you may even feel their pain, say for example that person had a head injury when they passed, you may experience headaches…or if they walked with a limp you may experience leg pain in that leg. Every soul carries its own energy, some feel soft and light, others may feel dense and heavy.

When I do house clearings I meet many different lost souls, young and old, many different experiences and reasons they haven’t crossed over, sometimes they have been stuck here for hundreds of years. Not only do I encounter spirit, but I also encounter entities, which are denser – mostly negative energy that needs to be moved on for their highest greatest good and the well-being of everyone in the home.  An entity is an energy that has never had a human existence and can make you very unwell if it stays in your environment and can even attach to the host.


I go into a house clearing with the intention of love and forgiveness and to help move on the earthbound spirits, I also send love and forgiveness to any entities and ask they be moved on for their highest greatest good and soul purpose. I work with my team of spirit guides, animal totems, angels, archangels, and many others to clear the energies of the house and set the house up with good vibrations and protection for the future.


Have you ever had an encounter or experience with a ghost or entity within your home or workspace? I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below!


Lots of love


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