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House Clearing

Our home collects energy just as it may dirt, dust allergens and mold, etc...So if you want to add more good vibes into your space and reduce feelings of stuffiness, energy clearing is a good way to start. We clean our homes physically but we forget to also clean our homes and workspaces energetically.​Emotions, lower vibrations, and emotions can build up in your space. If a major or negative event such as sudden death, acts of violence, murder has occurred in the environment or even depression or instability from previous tenants can leave behind residual energy.​Your home and work environment can hold negative energies that will affect the well-being and health of those in this space. People can also be targeted by negative energies or entities. These energies can be removed and replaced with higher vibrational frequencies.​Sometimes the souls involved don’t want to move on and are happy staying in what they believe to be their space. This can draw in negative entities, or lost souls into your environment. Not all lost souls are negative though. Most of the time they are unaware that they have died and are in limbo, they may be scared or confused as they are unable to communicate with those around them and inadvertently drain you.​

Some questions to ask about your environment would be:

  • Has your health deteriorated since starting a job or moving to a new home?

  • Have you been arguing with those close to you no apparent reason?

  • Have you been feeling constantly negative, aggressive, angry, depressed or sad?

  • Is there a part of your home that feels oppressive, dark or ominous?

  • Do you feel cold patches as you walk around your home?

  • Do you hear footsteps when no one else is around?

  • Do doors bang or drawers open and shut for no apparent reason?

  • Do you see people/things out of the corner of your eye? When you turn around there is nobody or nothing there?

  • Are your children afraid, or are they seeing things they cannot explain?                                                                                                                                          Have you experienced any poltergeist activity? (Noises, objects being thrown, knocking, voices, and even physical attacks such as pinching, biting, and hitting by an unknown source).​The good news is that you don’t have to put up with this interference. A house/work environment clearing can remove negative energies and entities, and lost souls can be moved on. Once the environment has been cleared your home/office will be filled with luminous, uplifting energy. The environment is then protected and sealed, so the negative energies cannot return.$100 an hour Please email to book in or for more information at                                                                                             

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