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  • In Person Tarot Reading

    Jennifer is a psychic medium and Energy Healer. Jennifer is passionate about helping others and giving her all to her work. Jennifer offers guidance and acknowledgement for our psychic abilities – because we each have our own beautiful gifts. Jennifer intends to spread a little light on this world and brighten others' lives ♥ Jennifer will then tune in to your energy & connect to your soul to deliver a unique and meaningful reading. Following the guidance of spirit & our spirit guides to obtain the answers and clarity to the questions that are in alignment with your greatest good and soul purpose. Please note this service is not a fortune telling service, as life is not set in stone, it is fluid and ever changing. This reading is for guidance for the past present and future and understanding that is entirely up to the client on what they do with the information given during a session. Please come with an open mind and heart, because the more open you are to receiving messages the better the reading will be. 

  • Intuitive Tarot Reading

    These tarot readings are a little unique in that they're via email recording...what does this mean? The client sends me their questions or area of focus, a photo of themselves, and their birthdate. I will then tune in to your energy & connect to your soul to deliver a unique and meaningful reading. Following the guidance of spirit & our spirit guides to obtain the answers and clarity to the questions that are in alignment with your greatest good and soul purpose. Please add any questions you may have, or if you'd just like a general open reading. a recent photo and your DOB, Thank you. This reading is ONLINE ONLY, AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE!

  • ONE QUESTION MINI Tarot Reading

    This is for a quick online one-question reading, if you want to get clarity and guidance on a question about career, love, or life this is a great mini-reading to help with that. These tarot readings are a little unique in that they're via email recording...what does this mean. The client sends me their questions and a photo of themselves. I will then tune in to your energy & connect to your soul to deliver a unique and meaningful message. Following the guidance of spirit & our spirit guides to obtain the answers and clarity to the questions that are in alignment with your greatest good and soul purpose. Please add any questions you may have and a recent photo. This reading is ONLINE ONLY, AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE!

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  • What are Earthbound Spirits & Entities?

    So Earthbound spirits - are souls of people who have died and have not crossed over into the light. Essentially, ghosts are just stuck energy. They become stuck here on the Earth plane for many reasons including, traumatic or sudden, unexpected death, not wanting to leave people behind, and unfinished business, other times they aren’t even aware they are dead, and some are unsure how to cross over. etc Not all lost souls are negative though. Most of the time they are unaware that they have died and are in limbo, they may be scared or confused as they are unable to communicate with those around them and inadvertently, they can drain you.​ Your home and work environment can hold negative energies that will affect the well-being and health of those in this space. If you have an earthbound spirit in your environment – home or workspace you may feel drained due to having no physical form and not belonging in this world, an Earthbound spirit has no way of restoring its energy. As it runs low, it naturally sucks in energy from anyone or anything it can. You may feel extremely tired, have headaches, and nausea, etc if you are particularly sensitive you may even feel their pain, say for example that person had a head injury when they passed, you may experience headaches…or if they walked with a limp you may experience leg pain in that leg. Every soul carries its own energy, some feel soft and light, others may feel dense and heavy. When I do house clearings I meet many different lost souls, young and old, many different experiences and reasons they haven’t crossed over, sometimes they have been stuck here for hundreds of years. Not only do I encounter spirit, but I also encounter entities, which are denser – mostly negative energy that needs to be moved on for their highest greatest good and the well-being of everyone in the home.  An entity is an energy that has never had a human existence and can make you very unwell if it stays in your environment and can even attach to the host. I go into a house clearing with the intention of love and forgiveness and to help move on the earthbound spirits, I also send love and forgiveness to any entities and ask they be moved on for their highest greatest good and soul purpose. I work with my team of spirit guides, animal totems, angels, archangels, and many others to clear the energies of the house and set the house up with good vibrations and protection for the future. Have you ever had an encounter or experience with a ghost or entity within your home or workspace? I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below! Lots of love Jen

  • Tarot for Beginners

    So you are interested in learning to read the tarot? There are many reasons you may be drawn to the tarot, perhaps you are interested in using tarot as a tool in your psychic sessions, or maybe you are feeling lost in life and searching for answers or direction. maybe you have always been drawn to tarot and played with them as a child, or you could be a complete beginner, just loving the visual aid. No matter why you are here, we are all here to gain a deeper understanding of the tarot. So where do we begin? If you have picked up a tarot deck, you will notice the number of cards. 78 to be exact. Each card with its own interpretation and visual queues. I've always been drawn to the tarot and remember being into anything 'Woo Woo' throughout my entire life. I've been practicing the tarot for the last 5 years and I'm still learning every day. So I'm not going to lie, it's not easy and it's not quick, it takes time, and trust in your intuition. So here are my top 10 tips for learning the Tarot: Number 1 : Practice - As I like to tell my kids, practice makes perfect - the more you practice, the better you become. Draw a card for yourself every day! Write down the message you get from the card, read the tarot reading and see if it is a similar message. I recommend Brigit Esselmont, Founder of Biddy Tarot Books as a great source for learning the meanings of the cards. Number 2 : Journal - keep a journal of the cards that you pull each day, it's a great way to keep track of the cards and when you look back you may see patterns. Number 3 : Divide the cards into sections - major arcana - court cards and the suits, then begin only with the mayor arcana. Take out the suits, and the elements and just use the main cards, until you are familiar. Trust me, it's much less daunting. Number 4 : After you are familiar with the major arcana - start on the court cards - the Pages (Messengers), the Knights (Action), the Queens and the Kings. Now, these court cards are also character cards and can reflect yourself or the people in your life. The best way to remember the characteristics of the queens and kings is to relate them to people in your life. it is more relatable and helps you connect with the card. Number 5 : Now we get to the suits- Pentacles, Cups, Swords, Wands. These suits relate to different elements - Pentacles are the earth element - career, finances, money, everyday life. Cups are the water element - feelings, emotions and relationships. Swords are the element of Air - intellect, belief systems, and truth. Wands are the fire element and are our passions, inspirations, and creative energy! Having a better understanding of the elements helps us gauge the cards better. Number 6: Numerology - The numbers on the cards have their own meaning as well, and understanding what they are, gives another element to the cards. 1 – (Aces) New beginnings, opportunity, potential 2 – Balance, partnership, duality 3 – Creativity, groups, growth 4 – Structure, stability, manifestation 5 – Change, instability, conflict 6 – Communication, cooperation, harmony 7 – Reflection, assessment, knowledge 8 – Mastery, action, accomplishment 9 – Fruition, attainment, fulfilment 10 – Completion, end of a cycle, renewal Number 7 : Read the cards for your friends and family. This is the best way to learn, to practice with others. This is what I did when I started getting into the cards, and it reaffirmed that I was on the right track and helped me form a stronger connection with the cards and my intuition. I was not perfect and I still had a lot to learn but it helped shape me into the reader I am today. Number 8 : Look at the visuals on the cards, the cards all have messages in the pictures - the colours, themes, elements and depictions all mean something. What do you feel when you look at the card, does it make you happy, sad, or confused? Number 9 - Trust! This is a big one. If you don't trust yourself, you will feel it in the reading. You may not get the right information and messages. If you are reading for others the most important thing is to trust yourself, you don't need to know all the cards and their meanings to use your intuition and listen to your senses and the messages that are coming through. Number 10 : Allow yourself TIME! Learning anything new takes time and patience, don't take it too seriously, have fun with the cards, play with them, and use them in everyday life! So these are my top ten tips for learning tarot! Ultimately it all comes down to trusting yourself and listening to your intuition. I will share more tips, ideas and tarot card meanings over the coming weeks! Mystic & Moon Jen

  • Best Crystals for Protection

    Crystals for Protection from Negative Energy Healing crystals can give you protection from negative energy, jealousy and energy vampires, and crowded places, like shopping centres, work environments, concerts, etc, which can leave you feeling heavy, depleted, and anxious. Healing crystals can also protect against negative entities. Certain stones discourage negative spirits or attachments. The best healing crystals for protection from spirits can shield your aura and avoid a psychic attack. So what are the best crystals for protection? The secret to choosing the best crystal for protection is to look for those that suit the type of protection you need in your life and what you are naturally drawn to because your soul knows what you need. Here are some of the best crystals for protection from the negative energy that can help. Black Tourmaline Have you ever felt meeting a person or place has left you feeling instantly drained from negativity? Or have you been in a crowded space and left feeling fatigued and mentally drained? Having black tourmaline by your side can help you prevent that. No matter how powerful the negative energies you will keep you safe and positive. Our aura is like a sponge, it absorbs everything around us. Therefore, protection crystals like black tourmaline are best to defend our auras, clear them, and fill them with positive light. Black tourmaline is one of those protection crystals that creates a bubble around you that protects your aura from getting contaminated and always keep it safe and protected. Black Obsidian Black obsidian is created by volcanic eruptions and incorporates many strong and raw elements including earth, fire, and water. Among its interesting features is that it cracks like flint. Metaphysically, the sharp edges may be used to break through lies, blockages, bad habits, and conflicting relationships. Black obsidian is also perfect for empathy. If you need to protect yourself from negative people or are being bullied, it is one of the best black stones for protection that will cut off the connection and/or any forms of attachment from this draining force. Smoky Quartz Smokey Quartz is a necessary stone for protection from negative energy. Smokey transmutes negative forces before bringing them back down to earth and grounding them. It can remove negative energy forces, induced by feelings such as resentment and anger. Although smoky quartz has a gentle nature, it is a durable protective stone. Therefore, if you are a clairvoyant, it will provide you protection from harmful energies. The smoky quartz protection stone is also a great choice for defending against electromagnetic smog and radiation. Amethyst Amethyst has a strong vibration that can shield your energy field from spiritual assault and psychic attack. Known as the Stone of Spirituality, Meditation, and Peace. It is a strong defensive stone yet has the wonderful property of transmuting bad energy into good, thanks to its high vibration sparkle! In ancient times, the amethyst protection stone is often used to break off toxic relationships, providing inner strength and promoting peace of mind. When travelling, it has also been used to provide protection from robbers. Fluorite Fluorite promotes self-belief and confidence and is said to attract wealth. It is also a very protective stone, on all levels. It’s especially good for protection against psychic attacks and exterior manipulation, it keeps the aura stable and clean. Psychologically, it is said to help re-assess fixed behavioral patterns and things that no longer support you and update them, releasing outdated energies and beliefs. Fluorite is a protective stone that requires regular cleaning. It can be used as a protective grid around your computer if you are suffering from electronic and electromagnetic stress. Hematite Rather than simply consuming low-frequency energies, the hematite crystal produces a protective barrier around the body that reflects the negative energies to the sender. On top of that, the high content of iron renders it among the strongest grounding stones. If you are a bit impulsive and easy to lose focus or distracted, this Stone for the Mind can help to keep you grounded. Labradorite Labradorite, known as the Mystical Stone, shines a light in the dark. Labradorite diverts negative forces that fall on you. To prevent energy leaks and keep yourself safe, Labradorite is the stone for you. The mixture of iridescent colours from Labradorite gives you the freedom to be who you really are. The tremendous energy emitted by the labradorite protection stone can also protect your aura from negative energy. The labradorite can also deflect negative energy and other people's unwanted attention, such as envy or fixations away from you. Clear Quartz Clear Quartz is the best crystal to purify your space and can erase doubts from your mind. Protection: Clear quartz is protective against negative energy and will transmute it to positive energy. Clear quartz will amplify any healing or psychic power. It is also suitable for channeling angels and spirit guides and can be used for aura work. The angel for the activation and the energy of Clear Quartz is Archangel Michael Selenite Selenite can work wonders for protecting your home. Like most white and clear crystals, it's connected to spirituality, peace, and purity. It is widely used in meditation practices. Selenite works amazingly in combination with any crystal and it's perfect for cleansing their energy too. It protects against and cleans negative energies while connecting you with the divine due to its high vibrational energy. It can be positioned at the entrance of your home as there is a lot of energy flowing through a doorway. It's a place of entrance and exit, so there are plenty of things happening, energetically speaking. So, a selenite crystal at the entrance serves the double purpose of protecting and cleaning negative energies! Shungite Shungite is broadly known because of its protection and healing properties. It stimulates, prevents, restores, or facilitates growth. It helps to stimulate balance and removes negative thoughts and energies. It helps to protect from harmful EMFs from TVs, computers, cell towers, and Wi-Fi. Shungite’s protection properties shield your thoughts and dreams from negative energy in your sleep and prevent nightmares from happening. For these effects, it is better to place shungite near your bed, either under the pillow if it is not too pointy or at a nightstand near your bedhead. How to Use Crystals For Protection To improve your personal power and protect your energy field you can use crystals for protection in numerous ways. These powerful protection crystals can be worn for protection, used during meditation, used to cut cords of attachment, placed on sacred altars, and used to build crystal grids for protection.

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  • About | Mystic & Moon | Port Macquarie

    About Jen ​ Jen has always had a sense of something more, that something was a little different about her. From a young age Jen felt a connection to spirit. But never really understood it and ignored it for many years, until she could no longer ignore the call. It took Jen a few years to trust in herself and spirit but the more she worked in this realm the more passionate and excited she became. Jen is very grateful to be able to have the opportunity to help others on their journey. Jen is passionate about helping people bring out their unique gifts of inner knowing and trust in the signs and synchronicities that surround us each and everyday. ​ How to connect with your spirit guides Play Video About Jen Play Video All Videos Watch Now About Jen Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Embed Video Link Copied Share Channel Info Close

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