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Vivianite Freeform

Vivianite Freeform

Vivianite is a rare crystal that forms transparent to translucent, flattened plates that are often colorless but, when exposed to light, will change. 

Vivianite is a truly beautiful stone but it shouldn't be kept on permanent display, particularly in direct sunlight as it will darken to almost black. This phenomena is due to the oxidation of the iron content in the stone. Use vivianite for healing or empowerment and then place it in a dark place or wrapped in dark silk to maintain its colour. 

Vivianite is a stone of peace, love, compassion, caring and spiritual illumination.

This stone encourages you to be compassionate toward yourself and others. It wants you to view life with an open heart. Vivianite helps to remove negativity from your thoughts and clear disharmonious energies from your auric field. 
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