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Spirit Quartz - Witches Fingers

Spirit Quartz - Witches Fingers

This stone will work with all the chakras and governs all the planets. Knowing that, the energy one gets from the spirit quartz is considered to be that of a master healer.

Spirit Quartz protects and shields ones aura.This crystal will also heal and repair damaged auras caused by toxic or malicious people.It will purify all chakras and harmonize all energy in the body to assist us in reaching the spirit world.

Spirit Quartz is a stone that works well in a group setting, either social or at work due to it bringing prosperity and abundance to a group of people with collective visions. This mineral can also be used in a family setting by creating good intentions for each member of the family and uniting their ideas to aid in group focus. Spirit Quartz also facilitates bonding with members of the family, giving peace and healing to siblings that are on bad terms.It will reduce resentment and jealousy by extraction of all negative vibrations, leaving only the good.

  • Measurements

    Approximately 10cm

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