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Ammonite Fossil

Ammonite Fossil

Ancient Fossil - Ammonite Plates  

Most commonly found in Morocco, Ammonites are fossilized snail-like creatures from long ago. 

Ammonite’s name is said to originate from the Egyptian god Amun (also spelled Ammon or Amen) as it represented his spiraling horn and is also derived from the Greek word for “horn”. It was known as one of the most holy stones in ancient Greece as well due to its ability to bring about prophetic dreams. 
The Blackfoot Tribe of North America referred to Ammonite as “Buffalo Stone” and used it as protection from negative spirits. 

These fossils have a profound protective quality in which they filter out any negative or heavy energy which is not needed, releasing it as pure life force energy. 

Ammonites are incredible allies for anyone trying to start a new project or journey in life. They grant insight & wisdom on where to begin and how to maintain the full vision until completion. 

Ammonite reminds us why we set out for them in the first place and what visions we are bringing into reality. This fossil stimulates survival instincts, keeps one grounded, and brings about great stability in all situations.
  • Measurements

    Approximately 13cm x 10cm

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